About Me


Jessica Cox is one of the best-known west coast swing dancers in the world, and has garnered an astonishing number of awards and championship trophies.

Jessica has triumphed as a three-time Junior U.S. Open Champion, two-time US Open  Showcase Champion, as well taking titles in Cabaret, Team, and Strictly Swing.  She is also a four-time USA Grand Nationals Showcase Champion and won the coveted Phoenix Champion of Champions Jack and Jill. 

Jessica is sought after domestically and internationally for her experience teaching and judging, and has been to more than a half-dozen countries this year alone to teach people how to swing. She is currently teaching with John Lindo, and their energetic and fun partnership has dazzled crowds around the world. 

Jessica is classically trained and has been dancing since she was five years old.  Her background includes jazz, tap, ballet, latin, and ballroom.  Her love for West Coast Swing started at the age of six, and has only continued to grow through the years.

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